Dave and I enjoy taking on an adventure, and we have always used quotes to inspire us to do new things. Although we have always loved quotes, when I looked through our tweets and Pinterest pins, I found that many of our favorite motivational quotes are about adventure. Let’s take a look below at some of the most inspirational adventure quotes that will help you get out of your rut.

We first began traveling by looking to travel quotations for inspiration. After spending a year sitting around, we need to find motivation.

Amazing Adventure Quotes

The Best Quotes About Adventure

The past year was certainly a rollercoaster ride. It was full of ups and downs, highs and lows. But everyone can agree that it taught us to treasure every moment and live fully. The first adventure quote is very accurate. Let’s go! All photos by The Planet D. Feel free to save them as travel or adventure inspiration.

1. “Life shouldn’t be a journey to death to arrive safely in a beautiful and well-preserved body. It should be an experience where you skim in broadside, completely worn out and shouting, “Wow!” It was a great ride!

2. Routine is safer than adventure. It’s lethal!”

Routine is safer than adventure. ” It’s Dead” is my favorite adventure quote because it perfectly sums up Life. This is our favorite quote whenever we have doubts about what we are doing. While everyone talks about people’s risks and dangers, sitting at home is not the best option. You won’t discover how amazing Life can be if you don’t take chances.

You can choose to live a life of daring adventures or nothing.

3. Avoiding danger is not safer than being exposed. Life can be defended by faith alone. It is either daring adventures or nothing.

4. “When you live among lions, you know that you are truly alive.”

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Inspirational Quotes

5. “Two roads diverged through a wood, and I chose the one less traveled by, which has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost’s famous quote, “The road less traveled,” is one of the most well-known adventure quotes. Everybody contemplates taking the less traveled road, and adventure enthusiasts take a different route.

6. “Because you won’t be able to remember how much time you spent at the office or mowing your lawn.” Climb that mountain!

7. Frodo, it’s dangerous to leave your home. You are forced to step on the road and never know where you might end up.

Creating an adventure quote list with Lord of the Rings is possible. It is truly one of the most fantastic adventure books. The Trilogy and The Hobbit are great for escape.

8. Every walk with nature brings out more than one can ask for.

9. “I went to woods because it was my intention to live deliberately, to face only the essential facts and learn from them, and not to discover, when I die, that I hadn’t lived.”

10. “All Good Things Are Wild and Free.”

11. “Every man’s story ends in the same way.” Only the details of his Life and death can distinguish one man from another.

This one is my favorite. This reminds me of Braveheart, where Mel Gibson’s William Wallace said, “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.” I would never have thought that words from a movie could become one of my favorite quotes. Adventure can make us feel as if we are living in the moment.

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