Over the years, I have lost my luggage, had my camera damaged, and needed emergency medical attention.

I have always had travel insurance. It has saved me money and provided me with security as I travel.

Over the years, I have written extensively about why insurancehow you choose the right company and my top providers.

SafetyWing: Who are they?

SafetyWing was established in 2018. It is a completely remote Norwegian start-up based in California. It focuses on long-term travel and digital nomads. It is managed by ex-pats and nomads who understand the needs of such travelers.

SafetyWing provides basic insurance plans at a fraction of the cost of other companies, but they are less comprehensive. They are my top choice for travel insurance.

Standard coverage is only USD 42 per week for travelers aged 10 to 39. This is one of the most affordable travel insurance policies available.

They cover travelers up to age 69. However, those aged 65-69 can expect to pay more than USD 144 monthly for coverage.

Their base price rises to USD 77 if you add travel to the US (again, for travelers aged 10 to 39), but it’s still much cheaper than many competitors.

Is the coverage really good? How about customer service?

Safety Wing is a tool I review and discuss when it is and isn’t worth using. This will help you plan your next trip and ensure you have the required coverage.

SafetyWing provides the essentials. SafetyWing’s USD 100,000 cost for medical evacuation is a bit high, but it should suffice unless you are going into remote areas. (For greater coverage, consider MedJet.

SafetyWing’s travel delay coverage is not very generous. However, most travel credit cards offer travel delay assistance. It doesn’t cover expensive electronics, which can be a problem if you own expensive cameras or video equipment.

Like most standard travel plans, this policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions and certain adventure sports. Therefore, anyone planning to do many adventure activities while on the road is not recommended. If you do plan to do so, you should consider World Nomads.

View their coverage description here.

  • Incidents involving alcohol or drugs
  • Extreme sports and adventure activities (including boxing.
  • Pre-existing conditions or general check-ups
  • Trip cancellation
  • Cash that has been stolen or lost

SafetyWing and Deductibles

Many travel insurance companies don’t have a deductible, which is why they are more expensive monthly. SafetyWing has one.

You will need to pay USD 250 upfront for most expenses. For example, let’s say you are injured, and the hospital bill is $1,000. SafetyWing covers the balance.

If your bill is over a thousand dollars, USD 250 is not a lot. If it is only a few hundred dollars, you will be responsible for the entire bill and not eligible for SafetyWing assistance. It cost me USD 250 to get medical attention for being stabbed in Colombia. SafetyWing would have covered the costs.

What is not covered?

SafetyWing is primarily designed to cover medical emergencies and basic travel mishaps, such as delays or lost luggage. These are the things that don’t cover:

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