Student Travel Insurance Article

Student Travel Insurance Article

Student travelers insurance, like most standard travelers insurance policies will give the traveler the added security of replacing lost or stolen luggage, money, or other personal property. Many companies also give legal advice and free travel tips to their policy holders. Student travel insurance is a good investment for all students; when unforeseen things come to pass knowing that the student has help is a relief for the family of the student and the student as well. Many people wouldn’t drive without automobile insurance; no one should travel with out travelers insurance.


The exact benefits of student travel insurance will vary depending on the company the policy is purchased from and the countries involved in the traveling plans; if the student is from a country other than the United States or Canada, additional fees may apply. Most policies for student travel insurance will have a monthly premium and a deductible; in addition the medical benefits will often have a coinsurance cost and all policies have a maximum benefit limit.

Many companies allow the student to choose either a straight medical insurance policy or a medical with student travel insurance policy; these policies will offer the same basic benefits with the student travel insurance part of the policy adding a bit extra. The student travel insurance policy will usually offer protection against identity theft, replacement of lost or stolen property, and interruptions to travel plans. Also these policies may offer benefits to extreme conditions such as terrorism or natural disaster allowances; in these instances the policy holder is eligible for a set amount of money for medical expenses due to a terrorist attack or daily money for a set amount of time when displaced from pre-paid accommodations due to a natural disaster.


Premiums are often based on the amount of coverage, frequency of payment, deductible, age of the student, and the duration of the policy; these factors together will determine the overall cost of the policy, but all insurance companies strive to keep costs affordable for student travel insurance. Students may have the option to keep costs low by choosing a companies budget plan; these plans offer many of the same benefits with a little less cost; the trade off is usually higher coinsurance or higher deductibles.

Buying A Policy

Most companies which offer student travel insurance have websites which people may browse policies, get quotes, and purchase a new policy; many of these companies also have a staff of friendly employees to help answer any question that may arise and people may purchase their policies over the phone as well.

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