Many years ago, I led group tours. I would take small groups of readers, like you, on a completely planned itinerary to my top destinations worldwide.

They were great fun, but we had to stop them due to time limitations. As the site grew, I couldn’t find time to go away for weeks every year.

They were very well-received. When we bring them back, they always ask us.

We announced last month our new Nomadic Network group tour. These tours will bring our community offline to share exciting destinations with like-minded travelers.

The last week was spent at TNN events. It was amazing. It had been a while since we last hung out together, and it was wonderful to meet everyone again. It was obvious how much I had missed this community and our conversations about travel.

We’ll be announcing several new dates and destinations for fall in the next few weeks.

We’re offering summer tours throughout Europe with me right now!

I love to show people around and open them up to the rest of the world. That is why I did walking tours in Paris while living there.

After these meet-ups, it was clear that I wanted to do it again this summer with you.

It’s more than just a chance for me to travel. It’s a chance for me to travel with others in my community, meet locals, and learn from experts about how it is to live and eat in the destinations I love.

These tours are my way of traveling: We stay in hostels and use local transport. I try to get under the skin of a city. I will show you how I travel and take you to my favorite restaurants, bars, and other attractions in each location. I have spent considerable time in each place and know the places you won’t find anywhere in a guidebook. Along the way, we’ll meet up with some local friends. They will likely try to embarrass us, but that’s all part of the fun! ).

Because I work with small groups, it is possible to have a friendly and intimate environment. This tour is ideal for those who want to travel with like-minded individuals. My tours are often a great way to make friends and stay in touch with fellow travelers long after you return from your trip. These tours can be more expensive than solo travel, but you will get more value from them than if you did all the activities on your own.

To help with the logistics, we will also have a local guide at all times.

This summer, I will be taking three trips:

  1. Central Europe
  2. Romania
  3. Western Europe

To learn more about signing up, click on one of these links.

Early bird special: Book your spot by April 30th to get $500 off using the code SUMMER and one-night free accommodation before or following the tour.

Nomadic Matt and the Nomadic Network Central Europe Tour

Central Europe is home to amazing food, fantastic wine, tons of old ruins and beautiful landscapes. We will cruise through its center to sample the incredible diversity and enjoy each country’s cultural legacy. I will join you on the Prague portion!

Nomadic Matt and the Nomadic Network Romania Tour

Romania is relatively unknown compared to other European countries. Its charming historic cities and medieval architecture are affordable and seldom crowded. When I first visited Romania, I didn’t know what I was in for. I discovered an affordable destination with delicious food, beautiful natural landscapes, and people who blew my mind.

Nomadic Matt and the Nomadic Network Western Europe Tour

This tour takes you through the most beautiful regions of Europe. It includes stops in some major capitals, as well as the smaller towns and villages that are worth exploring and falling in love with. I (Nomadic Matt) will lead this tour!

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