The Effects Of Smoking On The Womb

As parents-to-be, we start imagining life with a child. In all those dreams of a great family life, not one person ever dreams of having a child with problems. Did you realize that at the start of pregnancy, the mother-to-be must take care of herself properly to have a normal, healthy baby?
With only one slight puff of a cigarette, the mother-to-be exposes her unborn child to possible health problems, like being underweight or having below average height, having weak lungs, slow growth, and even slower mental abilities.
If you are pregnant, and you continue smoking during your pregnancy, you expose your child to nicotine. This is like drugging your child. On top of that, you inhibit good oxygen from being supplied to your unborn baby.
In the 9-month pregnancy period, the first trimester is the most delicate part of the pregnancy. Surely you can keep off the cigarettes for even just the first trimester for your baby’s sake? If you can do it for the entire pregnancy period, congratulations! You are putting someone else above yourself. This is a step in the right direction towards being a great parent.
Research indicates that children who were exposed to nicotine during their incubation period have problems socializing properly with others.
Have you heard of crib deaths? This is another term for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is when a baby, for no apparent reason, dies. One assumption for this is that exposure to nicotine while in the womb may have something to do with their death.
If you think you are safe because you do not smoke, think again. Exposure to second hand smoke is just as dangerous, if not more so, than actually smoking. If your partner or husband is a smoker, you might want to tell him to sacrifice a bit and smoke elsewhere, or just quit the habit altogether.
If you are a chain smoker, it would be advisable to quit first. Do not get pregnant until you have. It is not easy to be a parent; even harder if your child is born differently, or grows up with handicap.
Until you are able to put the health of the people in your care by quitting the habit, and not exposing others to secondary smoke, then you are not ready to be a parent. Parenting is being the support. It means providing all the necessary tools a child needs to grow up to be a responsible adult. It also means not exposing to more dangers than they need to be.

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