Travelers have many options, from riverside Porto to beach bumming in the Algarve to exploring the sands of the Algarve.

Obidos is a charming, old-fashioned town that often stops by for photos.

After spending a few days in this charming town, we concluded that Obidos is well worth your time.

Obidos is only an hour from Lisbon. It can be enjoyed on a day trip.

The downside is that you will be disturbed by noisy day-trippers, who arrive in town at night and stay until late afternoon.

You can experience more than the “things to do” in Obidos. The magical silent nights, the lit-up lanes, and the sounds of fado are just a few of the many reasons you should stay at Obidos for, at most, a day.

We give you five reasons Obidos should be added to your travel itinerary.

We guarantee you will not regret your visit to this charming little town.

Enjoy the Medieval Town’s History

Obidos are as ancient as they come. Obidos is believed to have existed before the foundation in Portugal. It has managed to retain its old-town charm well.

You can get the most from the old-town experience by learning about the city’s fascinating history. This will help you understand the architecture and cobblestone streets as well as the importance of the village.

Walking up and down the hill would be blissful if you could reach the town before the day trip starts.

You can also walk along the fort’s walls to get a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the old city.

Portugal’s Literary Culture: Experience it!

Obidos is a book spa that will lift your senses with the scent of old books.

Obidos has a collection of over a thousand books and converted old churches into bookshops.

This is an excellent reason to spend hours reading the fantastic collection in the most exclusive setting in the city.

You could also live in a hotel made from books while in Obidos.

The Literary Man Hotel houses more than 50000 books, and a stack at each corner of every room is worth a look.

Enjoy Ginja in Chocolate Cups

Ginja, a strong cherry-based liquor, is available in most parts of Portugal. Obidos is the pioneer for the best version.

Ginja in Obidos is a rich and creamy aperitif that can be enjoyed as an aperitif.

The old lanes are filled with Ginja stalls, making them appear touristy and commercial at first glance.

It takes just a few moments to locate the old-style premium stores that offer the best drink.

Serving Ginja in dark-chocolate cups has been a ‘trend’ lately. You may see a lot of local shops doing this.

The combination is quite delicious, so try some before buying a large bottle.

Shop For Portuguese Souvenirs

It’s a good idea to get Christmas gifts in Obidos.

Obidos is like any other tourist destination, with various souvenir shops along its length.

You will find unique pieces of handicraft and magnets in the piles.

These are unique treasures, and many people may have a story to tell about them. Bring a bag with gifts for your family and friends back home.

My favorite was my time looking for Portuguese Fado records in an obscure music shop.

You might even find your favorite there.

A Family-Found Portuguese Restaurant

The Portuguese family-run restaurants are unique because of the Azulejo tiles that have been splattered on their walls.

Vila Da Infanta is a family-run business located on the square near Santuario do Senhor Jesus da Pedra.

The amiable proprietor inherited the property from his father and spent many years perfecting his recipes in the kitchen.

It’s challenging to beat their grilled bacalao and robalo. But the meat dishes are equally delicious.

The desserts are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so dig in before it’s late because they’re as homely as they come.

Get A Taste Of Medieval Architecture

It looks like a postcard from the 18th Century.

Obidos is a beautiful relic of medieval architecture. Just a glance at its castle walls will show you.

Beyond the castle, however, you will find architectural delights everywhere, starting with the entrance to the old town.

The double-arched entrance is decorated with intricate paintings and tiles from the 18th Century.

The Churches have more ceramic tiles and painted barrels, while the 16th-century aqueduct is an architectural wonder whose style differs from the rest.

No matter what building you are in, pay attention to every brick.

Detox from the Digital World

Obidos’ silence is a sign of addiction.

The town has a population of just a few thousand people, and there are few clubs, supermarkets, or loud streets. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle.

History, books, paintings, and slow life surround Obidos. It’s an excellent place for people looking to find inspiration and serenity.

Obidos is a great spot to honeymoon for creative people.

There is no better place to start or pause than in an ancient city that is a marvel on Earth.

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