The Greek government was able to get its affairs in order long enough to renovate this historic metropolis. It built subway lines and improved the connection to the airport. It repaired crumbling structures and cleaned streets. Although it sounds cliché, this city of just more than three million people is better than ever.

While Athens is not my favorite destination in Europe, it does have many things to offer. The Plaka neighborhood, which has a maze of bars and streets beneath the Acropolis, is one of my favorite parts of Athens.

But Athens is 5 000 years old. What other cities can you say this about? You can stroll around the Acropolis and see the largest collection of ancient Greek ruins anywhere in the world.

Walking tours are a great way to get to know the city. A walking tour can help you get to know the city and give you access to local guides who can answer your questions and offer insider tips.

Whatever your interests or budget, there’s a program that will enrich your experience and help you make the most out of your time here.

Athens’ Best Walking Tours

Free tours are great for those on a tight budget. If you are a fan of walking tours or want to dive deeper into something, you will need to pay for one. These are the top paid Athens tours that will help you get to know more about Athens.

Athens Walks

Athens Walks offers a variety of walking tours, from small-group tours that provide a general overview to more focused small-group tours, like those that focus on the Acropolis, nightlife, or food and dining scene. Most Athens Walks tours last approximately four hours, except the two-hour afternoon Acropolis group tour.

Culinary Backstreets

The company offers food tours all around the globe, including in Tbilisi, Naples, Los Angeles and even Tbilisi. They offer a few walks in Athens that focus on specific foods and the best places to eat them. The 5.5-hour walking tour downtown offers a delicious introduction to local cuisine. Enjoy honey-slathered Greek yogurt and souvlaki as you explore hidden seafood restaurants. Foodies like myself should make this a regular trip.

Alternative Athens

The company offers small-group guided tours focused on art, design and street food. The street art walk in Athens is one of the most fascinating and informative. It rivals Berlin’s vibrant art scene. The mesmerizing creations that line the streets are a must-see. You’ll also discover cool new neighborhoods on the way!

Eureka Athens

Eureka means “I found it” in ancient Greek. This company might help you find what you are looking for in Athens. The “Bizarre Food Tour” is a great way to discover unusual food in Athens. It takes you to hidden bakeries, shops, and markets and will take you to the most bizarre places in the city. You can also find kid-friendly tours, such as those that focus on wine, shopping and particular up-and-coming areas.

Athens Photos Tours

Are you a budding photographer? Do you want to impress your friends back home with your Insta skills? This photo walking tour is the perfect way to improve your Insta game and impress your friends back home. You can choose the time of day you prefer — morning, evening, sunset, or even night. The professional photographer will then lead you, along with up to three other future influencers who are camera-wielding, and share tips and advice to improve your photography skills.

Athens Bike Tours

This three-hour tour is designed for those who prefer to pedal over bipedal. You can do more on a bicycle (but these trips aren’t rushed). Your group of cyclists will be guided by guides to take you through panoramic views of the city, past museums and past ancient Greek and Roman agoras. If you feel lazy after a day of exploring, they can also take you on rides on electric bikes.

Athens Walking Tours

The company offers small-group walking tours around Athens led by licensed and long-standing guides. There are many options available: tours that concentrate on Greek mythology and tours at the Acropolis that go deep into history. You can choose to go off the beaten path or tour the Acropolis Museum. These are only the historical and cultural tours. Athens Walking Tours offers a variety of food-and wine-themed tours.

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