We need your help to update the content!

We need your help to update the content!

Your help is needed! Last year we updated all our destination guides. They cover more than 300 cities and countries worldwide. We were able to update many of them despite COVID.

The pandemic has prevented my team and me from traveling to large parts of the globe, so we are limited in what we can do. We can’t update a lot of information because we aren’t there on the ground taking notes.

So I am reaching out to you for help with our guides. Particularly, we need your help with:

  • Restaurant prices
  • Grocery prices
  • There are many ways to save money
  • Safety advice

Museums are rarely open and close, so it is easy to check their operating hours on their websites. What about the things that constantly change that you can’t Google?

How much have groceries been costlier? What is the cost of a meal out? What is the cost of a glass of wine? A glass of wine? What are the hottest new attractions and ways to save money?

We need your help in such situations.

You can access the links to our guides here to see what we have for your destination. We do not list all countries, but if there is a guide for your city in one of our country guides, we would love to provide tips. We are looking for help with cities and countries in general.

If you reside in one of the listed destinations, please fill out this form with any tips or information.

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