Tips That Are Going To Make You A Savvy Traveler

Tips That Are Going To Make You A Savvy Traveler

No one is born a savvy traveler. Learning the art of savvy traveling is only possible through ‘on the road’ experiences. Initially while traveling you are going to make a lot of mistakes (I still make many). Initially many things will go wrong, you will miss flights, lose your belongings and many other countless mistakes, and one day you will learn the art of ‘Travel savviness’.

I want to help you speed up this process. So I have put up this list of some great tips to help you travel like an expert.

  • Make Extra Copies Of Your Passport And Other Documents

Take some extra copies of all your documents and also mail them to your mail ID so that you always have access to them even if any mishap happens.

  • Never Eat In An Area Close To Tourist Attraction

The price at these food places touch the sky and you don’t want to waste all your pennies only on one dinner.

  • Book Flights A Couple Of Months Early To Get The Best Price

This can save you a lot of money, but don’t go completely crazy and don’t put yourself under a lot of stress to get the cheapest fare.

  • Do Hitchhiking Whenever Possible

Hitchhiking is a lot of fun as you share a lot of interesting people’s company and not the same stern look of the cab driver, and it also saves you a lot of money.

  • Pack Light

There is no need to carry your whole closet with you on your trips. Take only half of the clothes that you think you need, its completely to fine to wear a same shirt for a few days.

  • Be Patient

Don’t hassle, keep yourself cool, everything will work out fine. There is no need to rush.

  • Always Visit The Local Tourism Office

They know everything going on in their city. They can lead you to free events or some special activities going on somewhere, which can help you a great bit during your travels.

  • Always Keep A Medicine Kit With You

You never know, any disaster can strike you anywhere, you can catch flu, or you can have some tummy issues after your lunch so its better you stay prepared for them.

  • Download Some Free Apps That Help You Make International Calls Over Wi-fi

During your travels you are going to find a lot of places(like some restaurants or malls) with free wi-fi, use these apps than to make international calls, it can save you a lot of money.

  • Include A Power Bank In Your Gadgets List

During your trips you make a lot of use of your mobiles and laptops and more often than not the battery drains out before you find a place to charge it, at this time a power bank can come in handy.

  • Always Keep Some Extra Socks With You

Socks are something that you lose more often, some are going to be under your bed while some will be hiding in the cupboard, here some extra pairs can come in handy.

  • Take An Extra Debit Or Credit Card With You

As I always say ‘Disaster happens’. You must keep a backup in case you need it. You don’t want to be struck some place new without access to your funds.

  • Carry A Couple Of Locks With You

They can come handy when you live in hostels or dorms.

  • Learn A Few Phrases Of The Local Language

They can help you interact with the locals easily and also they will appreciate it.

  • Stay In Hostels

They are cheaper and you also get to meet new travelers.

  • Take Pictures Of Yourself And Your Experiences

I know this seems obvious, but many travelers get so engrossed in clicking the pictures of nature and animals that they completely forget about this. You will be able to cherish those pictures and show them to your family and friends when you are home.

  • Also Take Pictures Of Your Luggage

So that if your luggage get lost the pictures will identify them more easily.

  • Take Earplugs

Snorers are everywhere and a good sound sleep is very necessary for you. Also overcrowded buses or trains can be a big headache sometimes. These are some very important tips that I have learned from my experiences. Implement them and turn yourself into a ‘TRAVEL NINJA’. If you have got some more please suggest them in the comment box. Until next time

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