6 Biggest Travel Technology Innovations You Will Want To Know About

6 Biggest Travel Technology Innovations You Will Want To Know About

In the past few years, there have been many innovations in travel technology that will revolutionize the way we view traveling. These six innovations will make your next vacation more enjoyable. These new technologies will make it so you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re on vacation.

1. AirBnB

Airbnb is a key player in the travel industry. This is only the beginning. Airbnb is always looking for ways to improve your travel experience. This could be by finding you an apartment that is inspired by your favorite blog, or providing you with access to faster internet speeds and grocery delivery. In San Francisco, California, the company was founded in 2008. It is a travel technology that connects people with space and those who are looking for accommodation. Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, the co-founders of Airbnb, had trouble paying rent for one month due to economic downturn. The couple converted their loft into a bed & breakfast by using air mattresses to sleep guests. Soon, media coverage spread online about the “Air Bed & Breakfast”. The idea of a platform that allowed people to rent their space to tourists was a great idea. Airbnb has expanded to other markets around the globe, and is now present in 191 countries. There were more than 5 million listings on Airbnb worldwide as of September 2017.

2. Commercial Charter Planes

It is now easier to charter a commercial plane. There are many companies that offer different types chartered aircraft for travel purposes. Instead of using an intermediary service, you can purchase your tickets directly from the airline. Ask the airline if they offer transportation from and to the airport. This will save you the hassle of purchasing additional services once you get there. Pre-bookable transportation services are available that allow travelers to reserve transportation prior to leaving home. This way, you only need to show up at your destination airport when you land. You won’t have to worry about getting around with pre-booked services like Uber and El Al Airlines. You can just relax, enjoy and take your time.

3. Apps for Vehicle Rental

These apps make it easy to locate rental cars within a matter of seconds. You simply need to enter your pick-up and drop-off locations in one box. The app will search for the best deals by searching the various car rental agencies within the area. These apps are particularly helpful for those who don’t know the language or feel comfortable in navigating new places. They can search through various car rental agencies online until they find the best deal. Simply swipe your credit card and select the vehicle you want to rent. Then, simply show up at the location. For a small fee you can rent a car.

4. Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and Virtual Assistants

You can now visit multiple websites when planning your next vacation. OTAs are search engines that combine travel products from many sources, including hotels, car rental companies, airlines, and cruise lines. You have all the information you need to plan a successful trip, and it’s completely free. OTAs also allow you to compare prices across different booking sites so you always get the best deal. OTAs are known for their innovative technology and unbeatable discounts. It’s now possible to book vacations without ever speaking with a travel agent. Companies like Apple and Google offer virtual assistants to help travelers plan their vacation. These services can be accessed via email or text messaging and take care of everything you need: hotel reservations, restaurant recommendations, transport arrangements, and so on. Many agents will travel to your home or office to meet with you if you are an old-fashioned traveler and prefer to speak face-to-face.

5. Meet-Up and Ride Apps

These apps make it easy for you to meet new people on your route. They also make it easier to arrange carpools or share rides with drivers. This technology is used by people all over the globe to save money, help the environment, and have fun with new people while on their travels. BlaBlaCar and Lyft Line are just a few of the many apps available. These apps can also be used in reverse so you can find your next date while on the road. BlaBlaCar, for example, is available in many European countries such as France, Spain, Germany and Poland. This app allows people to meet new people and travel, giving them the chance to try something new.

6. All You Need is on Your Phone

Traveling is now possible without the need to carry any paper. Everything, from tickets to boarding passes is available on your smartphone. You just need to take a picture of the barcode on your phone and show it off to airport security. They’ll scan it like a printed ticket. Traveling is made easier by this app. It also saves money because you don’t have to print tickets or pay for wi-fi at airports. Other apps that you don’t need to leave your home include Skiplagged, Google Translate, and Hopper. These apps help users predict flight prices and find cheap flights.┬áThe world of travel is always changing, even in an instant! The best thing about the past few years in travel is the emergence of new technologies every year. These innovations will revolutionize the way we travel and make our trips even more enjoyable. These six technological advances will make your next vacation unforgettable!

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