Adaptability The Skill That Can Make Your Travels Perfect

Adaptability The Skill That Can Make Your Travels Perfect

SKILLS, well that is something that you need all the time, especially when you are traveling, and that to when you are a solo traveler. Oh man! then you must have a bundle of skills to make your travels perfect, but the one which is the most necessary one in that bundle is ‘ADAPTABILITY’. I think adaptability will be leading any list about travel skills. You can have a lot of experience, you can be a great linguistic but if you can’t adapt to new situations quickly than you can never become a great traveler, because travel is full of surprises, tables can turn anytime on you, all the hostels may be full, you may miss a flight because of the traffic, you may lose your camera, I mean anything. The only thing that remains constant during your travels is that eventually something or the other goes wrong.

So you must learn to deal with the unexpected, and if you learn to adapt to such situations, they will not bother you so much. You will quickly adapt to the situation and find a solution to get out of it. But it’s not as if you have to learn to adapt before hitting the road, in fact the road is the best place to learn to adapt. The more time you will be traveling the more you will be learning to adapt. It was never easy for me to handle tough situations during my travels. I never planned to get lost in the forest alone during camping, I never planned to lose my camera while visiting ‘The Gateway of India’. But I got over these situations easily because I knew how to adapt, but yeah, it took me some time to get used to all this. When I first hit the road, these kind of situations scared me but the more I traveled the more I expected the unexpected and the more easier they became for me to handle. Adapting and finding a place to pee in a forest while ‘CAMPING’.

Always remember don’t adapt and than travel rather travel and than adapt. Many things happen to us when we travel, some good some bad, no matter what but if you are not open to them, they will always have the better of you, you will have a miserable time and would not be able to enjoy your trips and finally you will be back home from your trip much earlier than your parents would have expected. So travelers the conclusion is that if there is one thing that you need more than anything while traveling, it is the ability to adapt. And you can easily learn this skill when you hit the road, just keep yourself open and expect the unexpected. Until next time

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