Calgary, Alberta, is more than the site of an iconic stampede. It is near the Bow River and has many parks and recreational opportunities. Calgary is also an excellent starting point for trips to Canmore and Banff. This complete guide to Calgary’s top attractions, festivals, outdoor activities, and other fun things to do during your stay in Stampede City will help you choose the right destination.

Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is Canada’s most famous and popular festival. It runs for ten days in July. The event attracts a million tourists and locals, all dressed in Levi jeans and new cowboy boots.

The Calgary Stampede is known as the “greatest outdoor show on Earth”. It attracts thousands of people to its rodeo events and shows, including chuckwagon races, stage shows, and pancake breakfasts. Its history dates back to the late 19th Century, and its popularity grows yearly. This should be on your top list when looking for Calgary activities.

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is a landmark in Calgary’s skyline that helps travelers and newcomers navigate the city. The Calgary Tower, completed in 1968, was the tallest building in the city.

Although Calgary dethroned the Tower in 1984, it still provides some of Calgary’s best views. You can see into the mountains from 626ft (191m). The Tower’s second observation deck is a great place to spend the night in Calgary. Enjoy a cocktail while you watch the city come alive from the top.

Canada Olympic Park (WIN SPORT)

The park was the home of the 1988 Winter Olympics and is a top Calgary attraction. This is where you should go if you want to enjoy world-class skiing.

Visitors can also enjoy snowboarding and skiing and even try bobsledding. Is there any better way to ski down the mountain at 100 km per hour? Canada Olympic Park doesn’t only cater to winter sports fans. You can zip-line the fastest in Canada and mountain bike.

Prince’s Island Park

Prince’s Island Park is a park that sits on an island near the Bow River. It has 50 acres of natural space. Take a picnic to enjoy the shade of the trees on a sunny Calgary day.

Three pedestrian bridges connect the area to downtown Calgary. There are plenty of cycling and walking trails to enjoy. You can also find a great restaurant nearby to eat at if you don’t have a picnic. Live music may be available as you stroll the trails. Prince’s Island Park can be found near the Eau Claire Market. Enjoy your park day with a visit to the Eau Claire Market, where you can find unique finds and special treats.

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary was established at the junction of Elbow River and Bow River. It was the first post of the North West Mounted Police. You can still see the original foundations, and the Fort Calgary Museum tells you the city’s story from its foundation to today.

You can take a virtual tour through Calgary via streetcar. This is one of Calgary’s best attractions. This tour gives you a great idea of how Calgary would look for newcomers a century ago. The Deane House, a 1906 construction, is located across a bridge. There is also a theater that tells the story of the fort.

Bow River

The Bow River offers many trails for bikers and walkers. It is also a great way of exploring Calgary. The river runs through Calgary, and the 6.1km pathway gives you easy access to many spots. Prince’s Island Park, the Peace Bridge and many other places are just a few examples.

The river becomes a great place to fish as it flows out of Calgary. Alberta boasts world-class trout fishing that attracts both amateurs and professionals from all over the globe. Take a rod and reel to see if your catch is caught.

Calaway Park

Are you looking for Calgary activities for the whole family? Calaway Park is a great place to start your day. Calaway Park is the largest outdoor amusement park in Western Canada and promises to provide a great day for all ages.

There are over 30 rides at the park, many of which will keep your heart racing. You can also play various carnival games for a more casual experience. You can even enjoy Calaway Park’s 3D theater.

Heritage Park Historical Village

The Heritage Park Historical Village gives you a glimpse into Calgary’s past. You will find several historical buildings dating back to the pioneer era and costumed interpreters who can help you go back in time.

These buildings represent four periods of Calgary’s history. The historic 1860s fur-trading post, the town square and the famous steam engine are all found here. Take a ride through the village. You can also take a paddlewheel ride on Glenmore Reservoir and visit Gasoline Alley Museum. This place is full of old vehicles and interactive exhibits.

The Military Museums

The Military Museums provide a fascinating insight into the period of human history by displaying the significant efforts of Canada’s Army during the First and Second World Wars.

These museums provide a wealth of information about the lives of those who gave their lives for freedom. You can find out what it was like to fly a bomber in WWII or the trenches of the Western Front. You will also have the opportunity to see various military vehicles, such as tanks, during your visit.

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