New Zealand is a popular destination. The pandemic was handled well by this South Pacific island nation. We can revisit it in 2022. We can still dream about The Hobbits’ land, but we cannot now travel to New Zealand. This is one famous country to visit; in fact, tourists spend Christchurch’s offer. What is a Kiwi anyway? Where did Gandalf shoot his scenes? For more fun facts about New Zealand, read on.

There are many types of Kiwis.

You probably associate “kiwi” with a bit of green fruit. The word “kiwi” has three meanings, including the fruit.

A Kiwi can be a New Zealander. While many New Zealanders prefer to call themselves Kiwis (although tourists may call residents Kiwis), it is not uncommon for them to refer to themselves as Kiwis.

A “kiwi,” also known as a flightless bird, is also called this species. They can be found all over the country and are known to inhabit large areas of land. It is the bird that gave rise to the New Zealand nickname, and not the fruit. Here’s a fun fact you may not have known: The kiwi fruit is not from New Zealand. It comes from China.

30 percent of the country is made up of national reserves

New Zealanders value natural landscapes. Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain, is a protected refuge. Going on a day trip is possible, but please avoid littering.

You can also go to the fjord in Milford Sound to take a relaxing water trip. You can see penguins, dolphins, and whales on a boat trip.

New Zealand’s Hill Has The Longest Name in the World

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is located near Poranghau along the southeast coast of New Zealand. It is approximately 1,000 feet high and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. It is most well-known for its 85-character-long name.

It is named after a Maori word. English translation: “The summit where Tamatea (the man with big knees, slider and climber, of mountains, and land-swallower, who travels around, played the flute to his beloved one,”

Wellington is the Most Southerly Capital in The World

Wellington is at 41.2924deg South, 174.7787deg East. It is ironically on North Island.

Wellington enjoys a mild climate despite its geographical location. The average temperature never drops below freezing, and the summer highs can reach the 60s or 70s.

There are many great places you can visit in Wellington. So, make sure to spend some time there. Some many museums and libraries offer interesting information about New Zealand.

New Zealand has five sheep for every resident.

New Zealand’s most important industry is livestock. New Zealand had 37.8 million livestock in 2019. That number includes 26.8 million sheep. New Zealand had less than five million inhabitants at that time, meaning there were roughly five sheep per New Zealander.

New Zealand’s sheep aren’t the only animals that live there. Many bats and birds are found in New Zealand, including the mentioned Kiwi. The country is home to so many animals that only five percent are humans.

New Zealand pioneered women’s suffrage.

New Zealand women have been trying to get the right to vote since the 19th century. They sent petitions to Parliament requesting that they be granted the right to vote in the 1890s. The Electoral Act, which gave women the right to vote in parliamentary elections, was passed on September 19, 1893. New Zealand was the first country in the world to allow women to vote, beating the United States by over 20 years.

Since then, women have played a significant role in politics. All of the highest positions in the country were held simultaneously by women in 2006. This was the first time this happened in world history. Jacinda Ardern is the current prime minister for New Zealand. Since 2017, she has served as prime minister of New Zealand.

Dunedin has The World’s Most Steepest Residential Street.

More than 100,000 residents call Dunedin home. Baldwin Street has a 19-degree slope. Only a few people live there. It runs more than 1,000 feet. It is tough to drive on. Residents and tourists have made it up the steep ascent. One resident raised thousands of dollars for charity climbing the street on his pogo stick.


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