Gifts You Can Treat Your Child To Before A Trip Away

Gifts You Can Treat Your Child To Before A Trip Away

You will always miss your children and worry, no matter their age. To ease your mind, you can gift them something before they leave that will help them on their trip. Wicked Uncle is a great resource for gift ideas and suggestions. Let’s take a look at some useful travel gifts that your children can use while they’re on vacation.

A Journal

An ideal gift is a travel journal. Your child can record all their memories, keep track of mementos and draw what they see. They can look back on what they wrote and relive memories that may have been lost. This is a small piece of their past that helps them remember the good times and shows how far they have come.

A Camera

You can be sure they will be taking lots of photos of their friends and local sights so get them a good camera. A disposable camera or a photopolaroid could be a good option. They’ll only take one shot at a time, rather than hundreds, which is a better way to capture candid moments. They’ll also be able to print their photos, which they can keep forever in a photo album or use to decorate their rooms.

Lotions and Potions

They may need to learn things by themselves if you aren’t there to remind them. If you make sure they have enough bug spray, sunblock, and aftersun in their bag, they will be more likely to do well. It’s not the most interesting gift, but it’s one of the most useful!


Traveling can be tiring and long. It’s important to have something to entertain them while they wait. You might consider getting them something they can use alone or with their friends. This could be a handheld gaming console, playing card games, and so on. It will be a great way to provide entertainment for those times when there is nothing else.

Travel Neck Pillow

They’ll want to keep busy whether they’re travelling by plane, train, bus, or other public transportation. They will often want to get some sleep, even if it is a long flight. A travel neck pillow makes a great gift. They can just pop it on and shut their eyes to recharge in comfort. Your child should have fun traveling. They will learn a lot about themselves and the world around them.

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