If you’re broke, here are some genius travel hacks

If you’re broke, here are some genius travel hacks

You scroll through your social media feed and daydream about distant lands, inspirational photography, or life-changing adventures. You wake up, check your bank account, and then you’re disappointed. Travel on a Budget can be a challenge for many people. It is something that deters some travelers from exploring this amazing planet. Here are 45 budget travel tips to help you make the most of your trip, even if you’re broke.

Plan your travels around the off-peak times. Travel seasonality is essential to consider. In one country, “off-peak season” might not exist in another. Do your research on the different tourist seasons in each destination. You can plan your trip to avoid price increases and crowds of tourists with some planning.

Travel to countries with a lower quality of living than ours or in their low season. You may pay more for flights but find cheaper accommodation and activities in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America. There are also fewer tourists so you can experience other activities and landscapes. 

Hostels are a great way to meet people

It’s obvious, but you can’t overstate how much cheaper budget accommodations like hostels is compared to hotels, resorts, and rental homes. You’ll get a lower price (some hostels have beds for as little as a few dollars a night) and experience the backpacker lifestyle.

“There are all kinds of hostels: party hostels, comfortable hostels, exotic hostels, rural hostels, etc. It is a great way to meet people and share transport, meals, or day trips. 

Backpackers use the Hostelworld App because they can book the best and cheapest accommodation directly in the country that they want to visit.

Enjoy free classes

Many hostels offer free classes to their guests. Many hostels around the world offer free classes to guests.

Get free food at hostels

Many hostels provide free food. Many hostels offer free food, including baked goods, pizza, barbecue, and more. Take advantage of free food to enjoy your adventures. Some hostel dishes are better than you can imagine.

Save money by going off the beaten track

Tourist traps are a nightmare for your pocketbook. You can’t avoid them because they are popular. But you can skip paying a lot or waiting hours to get there. 

Experiences are more important than material possessions

Souvenirs are overrated. Seriously! Why not instead focus on bringing back memories and experiences rather than material items? This makes you travel happier, with lighter bags and a fatter wallet.

Work in a hostel

Work in hostels to save even more on accommodation. Many hostels are looking for cleaners, receptionists, and work exchange programs where you can work a few minutes daily to get free housing.

Visa costs are essential to consider before traveling

Visas are not required for short-term travel in some countries, while others charge a fee for the privilege. Plan your trip around countries with easy tickets.

Book in Advance

It’s important to remember that prices can increase as you get closer to your vacation. If you book your train travel, hostel rooms, and air travel in advance, you’ll avoid being forced to pay more for a fancy room or an expensive last-minute flight.

Book using a private window

Clear your cookies and use an incognito/private window when searching for flights. To make your search more competitive, and to get the best price, browse on the hush.

Find the best deals using a VPN

Prices may vary depending on the location you book from. You can look as if you are booking from a different place by using a VPN on your computer. It’s worth shopping around to find the best deal!

This trick could help you save between EUR 50 and 300 on long-distance flights.

Frequent flyer miles are worth saving

You’re likely to need a plane at some point in your travels. Joining a frequent-flyer program is a great way to earn miles and points. They add up over time and can lead to discounted flights or upgrades.

Take advantage of the sales events

When people rush to buy new TVs or tablets on Black Saturday, Boxing Day sales, and other similar events, you can go straight to Hostelworld and flight websites. Your wallet will be grateful!

Travel light

See our tips on how to pack for a hostel so you only bring what you need. Check out the terms and conditions of your airline before you travel to avoid additional charges. You can find everything you need to make your trip super simple!

Mix and match different airports

It’s about the change! A flight between London and New York might be expensive. However, if you fly outbound from a different airport in each city, you can save a lot of money. Some countries or airlines offer discounts for those who stop for a short layover. Stopping in Iceland, for example, makes the NYC-LDN trip more feasible (plus, you get to take a mini-trip within a journey).

A second tip is to select the airports closest to your destination. If you plan to travel to Laos or Burma, you should fly to Bangkok first (you do not require a visa to enter Thailand) and then check out flights with local airlines to your destination. Buses are often cheaper than flying and can be used to reach your goal. You would be surprised at how affordable it is to travel from Southeast Asia to Australia or New Zealand. It only takes a few minutes to search for the best combinations. 

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