Switzerland’s financial capital, Zurich, is often at the top. It also has the most picturesque location on Lake Zurich and the Limmat River. It takes just three days to see it all in Zurich. This itinerary will help you plan your perfect three-day trip to Zurich. It will guide you through choosing the best places to visit, what to do and where to eat. Are you ready to create the perfect Zurich itinerary for yourself?

How To Spend Days In Zurich

Your first day in Zurich is upon us! We will be starting our day in Zurich by exploring the Old Town. Then we will head to the most trendy part of Zurich, Zurich West. We recommend taking a walking tour through the Old Town to see the most iconic landmarks in Zurich. We love to take a tour of any new city, and Zurich is no exception. This helps us plan our trip and allows us to see the most popular attractions in a very short time.

Zurich Itinerary Day 1

Day 1 of this Zurich itinerary takes you on a walking tour through the Old Town and Zurich West. You can walk to all the attractions if you’re staying in the Old Town. Then, hop on the public transit to Zurich West for a quick 10-minute ride.

A Zurich card is the best way to travel around Zurich. It allows unlimited travel by tram, bus, cableway and tram, plus you can also take short boat trips or a cruise on the Limmat River. Zurich Cards are available for 24 hours starting at 24 CHF. More information here. You can easily explore the Old Town on foot, as there are numerous pedestrian-friendly streets and back alleys.

Explore the Old Town of Zurich in the Morning of the Day

Our city guide Barbara met us at the accommodation after a delicious breakfast at Hotel Florhof. From here, it was easy to find the most important landmarks in the Old Town.

Rechberg Gardens

Rechberg Gardens, located right beside Hotel Florhof, are one of Zurich’s most picturesque spots. They are located directly behind the Rechberg Mansion, another famous landmark in Zurich. The mansion dated back to 1759 and was renovated in 2014. It is now a national cultural heritage and is open to the public. Rechberg Gardens, a tranquil place to begin the day in Baroque style, is a great way to do this.

University of Zurich View

Continue your morning walk to one of Zurich’s most beautiful viewpoints. The University of Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) offers panoramic views of the Old Town, Limmat River, and the city’s steeples. We walked up to the panoramic terrace to avoid the steep climb up the hill. However, you can also use the Polybahn to get to the top. The Polybahn was not yet operational when we visited Zurich, but it is expected to be open in September 2021. It will open in Sept 2021, a day or two from now. It is the iconic mode of transport in the city. The funicular was built in 1889 and is still in use today. It is a short walk to the top.

Explore the Alleyways of Altstadt and Get Lost

After you have viewed Zurich from the University, walking downhill through the Old Town of Zurich is possible. Shop in the Old Town to find the best coffee shop for people-watching. You can also visit Cafe Voltaire, the father of Dadaism, the Belleview Apotheke, and enjoy a Spritz at an outdoor café on Niederdorfstrasse, a pedestrian-only street.


Don’t forget to visit the iconic building of Zurich before you leave the Limmat River West Bank. Grossmunster (Great Minster) Cathedral. Legend says that Charlemagne built a church on the foundations of the patrons’ graves when he discovered them. You’ll find a large sculpture by Charlemagne in the cellar’s crypt. Grossmunster is also a key part of Swiss history, as it was the birthplace of the Reformation in Switzerland. For the best view of Zurich, you can climb to the top.

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