These are the Essential Amenities Every Hotel Room Must Have

These are the Essential Amenities Every Hotel Room Must Have

As a writer for various publications about hotels, I have seen a lot of guestrooms as I travel and browse through hundreds of images daily. While I try my best to be realistic in my expectations, there are times when I get lost in daydreams. For example, today, I cannot help but imagine my ideal hotel room.

There are probably many other travellers like me who consider a hotel room home. So I decided to compile a list of amenities I believe every hotel should offer.

This is the essential tool for every self-respecting stalker.

My profession is a stalker! I am a stalker by profession. I spend days looking for the perfect shot in old towns, picturesque cafes, bustling city streets, and the sunset. A professional binocular is the best tool a stalker should have.

I enjoy spending time with people. I enjoy watching locals rush to work each morning and creating stories about them …..

Every time I travel, I feel like Nancy Drew. I am always curious and open to learning about other cultures. Insane Questions to discover everything you can about a particular area. All travellers can be considered detectives. And I love looking out from my balcony/window at the street, which leads me to the next feature.

Balcony with a View

The view from Barcelona’s Passeig de Gracia is breathtaking. The stunning balcony in this room at El Palauet will be all I need in this lively, vibrant city.

The bathroom is spacious and cool.

My bathroom is where I spend most of my time, whether it’s meditating or not. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but glass walls and a copper bathtub would look great. Or, you could even add an indoor pool for a relaxing afternoon.

A retractable roof

Yes, I do. My perfect hotel room will not exist except in my mind. Now, it’s your turn to be part of my dream by reading this. This list of amazing hotel bedrooms was written a while ago by Veesko. I included my favourite hotel bedroom: the Cabriolet Suite at L’Albereta Relais & Château in Italy. Imagine waking up with this… It must be the most amazing feeling in the entire world!

A proper desk

No desk? I’m out! The first thing I do in a hotel room is to check the bathroom. When I travel, I write a lot. I write about my travels, the places I visit, and the people I meet. I write. A proper desk is what I need. Okay, it’s not the fancy desk with the sandbox, but one that I can spend a few hours at a time.

Every morning, local newspapers are delivered.

Yup! I’m always curious about what’s going on in my locality. I consider myself a curious person. I am sure I am very curious about everything happening in my locality. Although many apps can do this, I still love the feel and smell of a freshly printed newspaper. This makes a great team with an espresso every day.

An excellent Wi-Fi Internet connection

This is an understatement. I need more than a reliable Wi-Fi connection. I need THE Mother of all Wi-Fi technology. The Wi-Fi router must be the best to stay connected in this Internet of Things age, where everyone and everything is connected. My mom tells me how the first season ended on Mr Robot, and I don’t want my Skype conversion to stop. Robot ended. Robot ended. It’s all gone to hell. You can have a completely different TV show.

Smart companion for sleep

Say hello to Sense, your next favourite travel companion. This little gadget with sensors records your sleep and gives you all the information you need about your room’s temperature, humidity or air quality. There are many other functions, but I love the ambient sounds. They make me fall asleep quicker than glass from the minibar.

Book with seriously chic hotel rooms

This will only worsen if the hotel room does not meet my expectations. While I am playing Nancy Drew in my hotel room, I see how other travellers spend their nights in elegant, sexy surroundings. Please pardon my French!

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