A travel backpack will be one of the most significant purchases that a traveler makes. Your backpack is more than just a place to store your stuff. It’s your home.

Bags are an investment. It should be able to withstand the abuse of travelling the world on a limited budget. This bag will be your main carry-all for many weeks, months, or even years. It will be your daily companion, whether you’re hiking or in bustling cities. You can also stuff it into crowded buses and fly it around the globe.

You want a bag that will last if you are like me. My bag has been with me for five years (my old one, which was lost on a flight, only lasted ten). My community manager has his bag for seven years and our director at FLYTE for eight.

A bag that fits you best is important. But what might work for one person may not be for another. Before I get into the details of choosing a backpack for traveling, I want you to be aware of the key features that you should consider when evaluating my top picks. A backpack with these features is what you want.

    • Material that is water-resistant
    • Lockable zippers
    • A frame for internal use
    • A padded hip belt and shoulder straps
    • Multiple openings, not just one top opening
    • Many compartments
    • A contoured/padded rear

Also, ensure your backpack is comfortable for you. You won’t be able to carry it around if it’s too big or too small. Proper proportionality is important!

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