We’ve compiled a list of the top places to visit in Wales, so you don’t have to wait to get on your adventure. It is often overlooked by the surrounding countries of England, Ireland, and Scotland, but once you have visited this small country on the west coast United Kingdom, you will wonder why you didn’t think to go!

We had the privilege of experiencing many incredible adventures while in Wales. We were able to experience many amazing adventures while in Wales.

Best Places In Wales

Renting a car is the best way to travel around Wales. We flew to Machester, England, and then picked up our rental car at the airport. Then we set off to explore Wales counterclockwise. It was an excellent route that allowed us to visit all of the top attractions in Wales over eight days.

Wales’s rich history is a great place to explore the culture. Did you know that Wales is home to more castles per square kilometer than any other European country? We were surprised by Wales, so we compiled a list of top places to see in Wales to help you decide on visiting. Are you ready for Wales?

It can be challenging to understand the Welsh Language, but everyone in Wales speaks English. The most challenging part of the trip is learning how to read the signs. However, learning another language is part of the joy of traveling.

Snowdonia National Park

The Snowdonia National Park is North Wales’s third national park. It ranks high for its beauty and is one of the three in Wales. Mount Snowdon is the most popular attraction in Wales. It is the highest mountain in the country. The Snowdon Mountains are an excellent place for adventure lovers. They offer many trails that allow them to enjoy breathtaking mountain views.

Snowdon Mountain Railway

You can also take the Snowdon Mountain Railway to Britain’s highest visitor center if you need more time. This century-old narrow gauge railway was opened in 1896. Its historic steam train travels five miles up to Mount Snowdon. You can take a hike or enjoy the breathtaking views from the peak at 1085 meters (36445 feet). You have two options: take the train down or hike down.


Llanberis is an excellent place to base yourself when visiting Snowdonia National Park. Many attractions include the National Slate Museum and the Llanberis Steam Railway, a historic railway.

Snowdon Mountain is one of many attractions in Snowdonia National Park. It also contains 14 mountains above 3000 feet, making it one of the most popular hiking destinations in the United Kingdom. Snowdonia is also famous for mountain biking, climbing, and horseback riding. Check out our video from our trip to Mountain Snowdon.

Hotels in Llanbernis

  • ERW Fair Guesthouse in Llanberis is a family-run B&B.
  • Padarn Hotel is in a Great location, within walking distance from the Snowdonia Mountain Railway.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on the West Coast of Wales is one of the most rugged and wild places in Wales. Coasteering is the best way to see the Pembrokeshire Coast. There are rugged sea cliffs and sandy beaches. Coasteering was invented in Wales, and we decided to start Coasteering here if we ever wanted to experience the adrenaline rush of Coasteering.

Coasteering is a sport that you might be curious about. Coasteering, also known as coastal exploration or adventure sport, is a way to explore the coastline of Wales. It involves rock climbing, cliff jumping, and swimming into caves. You can enjoy amazing views and adventure at your own pace. You can jump up to 10 meters or slip into the water. Coasteering is an adventure you must do when visiting Wales.

  • To learn more about Coasteering in Wales, visit PreseliVenture and book your trip!
  • Please find out more about our Coasteering Adventure here.

Gower Peninsula

The Gower Peninsula, South Wales, is a great place to find beaches. It has long sandy beaches and clear water. Rhossili Bay, a famous beach, has dramatic sea cliffs that stretch 3 miles (5.8 km) to Worm’s Head. Its name derives from the Viking term for a sea serpent.

Portmeirion Tourist Village

Portmeirion, a town in the Italian style of Wales, is one of the most beautiful places. Portmeirion, a charming tourist village in Gwynedd (Wales), is home to Portmeirion. Although nobody lives here, it is a great stop for visitors to Wales. It offers a peaceful retreat in a different location. Sir Clough Williams Ellis designed it. He modeled Portmerion on the Cinque Terre.

Enjoy ice cream, hot coffee, and fresh scones while you wander the village. Staying over at the Portmeirion Hotel will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in history.

Hotel Portmeirion – We enjoyed our stay at Hotel Portmeirion. You can enjoy the village alone, mornings and nights before the tour buses leave.

Conwy Castle

Wales is Europe’s castle capital. Conway Castle, North Wales, is one of our favorite castles. It was built between 1283-1289 by Edward I and has been a constant reminder of Edward’s order. It is one of the most important fortresses in Europe. The well-preserved wall still surrounds Conway Castle and its small town. You’ll find the great hall, chambers, and kitchen, as well as an inner ward that is more private with private rooms.


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