Ways To Stay Motivated To Travel

Ways To Stay Motivated To Travel

They (Our parents, teachers and all the other people full of wisdom) say that a motivated person can achieve anything in his life but the question that comes to our practical minds is that “How to stay motivated for your one thing for your whole life and especially when that one thing is TRAVELING??” If this is a question that you struggle to find an answer to than its perfectly normal. Its not very difficult to get demotivated when you are planning your next trip and your family and friends are depreciating your ideas, or when you don’t have enough money to plan your next trip, or you are just burnt out from your long trip on the road, or some important stuff comes up just when you are about to make your move.

It’s not that motivation is a quality that a person is born with, rather its a battery that has to be charged in. I have a firm belief that a person who has a great passion for something, (in our case, that something is ‘TRAVELING’) can always find a way out of those depressing and demotivated situations, all he/she need is a small guidance, and that’s what this article is all about. I also have had my share of ups and downs in my ongoing, not so long career but I have always found a way out of these situations by using these simple ways which I am about to share with you people.

  • Make Your Dream Book

As I always say, passion is the biggest motivation that can keep you going. But its not always necessary that your passion must be a feeling only to be felt. But you can make your passion into a book which consists of all your dreams about Traveling. Write down about the places that you want to see in your life, stick some pictures with their description. Write about the food that you want to eat in different countries. I suggest you write about everything you want to experience in your life in your book. Whenever you feel demotivated, your dream book is going to remind you about your dreams and is going to charge your battery to 100%.

  • Devote Time

Time is something which we always seem to have a scarcity of. Some kind of stuff always keeps coming up. As a reason you are not able to give time to planning your trip, or researching new places to travel to, and as a reason it frustrates you and demotivates you. I also have faced this problem many a times. What do i do? It’s quite simple. I have assigned myself a particular day and time at which I forget all my work and concentrate on researching and planning my next trip. You must also pick a particular day and time when you are not busy and completely devote that time to research and planning your trip. Make it a habit so that it doesn’t feels like a task that you have to do but it is something that you do automatically.

  • Learn Something About A New Culture

Reading and learning something new always excites us. As travelers the thing we most carve for are new experiences. The day I hate the most is the day without a new experience. So whenever you are not on the road and are awaiting your next trip, try to learn something or the other about different cultures. Take language classes, learn how to cook different traditional foods of the countries that you want to visit. All these things are going to keep you busy and will always make you feel inspired and motivate to travel.

  • Read Travel Blogs And Travel Books

Reading about other traveler’s experiences and adventures always inspires us. It shows you that traveling is not that difficult and anyone willing to travel can do it. Plus it also gives you a vast amount of knowledge, important advises and tips about traveling, and also tells you about some of the places you’ve never heard of. Their experiences will always keep inspiring you and will motivate you to one day hit the road and create some of your own.

  • Take A Break And Relax

IF you’ve been traveling for a while you probably are burnt out (especially on your initial trips). Traveling is not always about the superb mountains and the delicious food that you see on Travel Channel. But it’s much more than that. It is about discovering yourself and during the process you may feel sad, demotivated and lonely. At this point of time you don’t have to give up. You need to take a break from your schedule (Even if it costs you to miss something), you must stay wherever you are for as long as you need. Read books, sleep a little longer, talk to different people or just sit on the beach and look at the sunset – whatever relaxes you. During this time you will regain your motivation. You will again get super excited about your trips and the feeling of sadness and depression will sink in with the sun during the sunset. There can be nothing worse than quitting something you really want to do because of lack of motivation. Motivation is not something that difficult to find. Its always inside you , all you need to do is put some effort in discovering it, and these ways are going to do exactly that for you. So people stay motivated to Travel and until next time


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