You can make your life easier with these airport hacks

You can make your life easier with these airport hacks

Even for the most experienced tourist, flying is a complex mode of transportation. With so many planes and people arriving and leaving every day, navigating the airport can be overwhelming for first-time travelers. Preparation can mean the difference between a smooth and stressful trip through the airport.

We’ve learned some tips and tricks to help you on your next airport trip. These 28 airport hacks will help you navigate the airport more quickly. They include everything from packing tips to arrival and boarding tips.

Apply for TSA Pre-Check

You can get through U.S. Airports quicker by applying for TSA Pre-Check. You can pass through security with a five-year membership without removing your shoes or jacket. Over 93% of TSA Pre-Check passengers only waited five minutes or less.

You can submit an online application and schedule an appointment with an enrollment center in five minutes. You will be required to attend an in-person meeting for about 10 minutes. During this time, you will undergo a background investigation and have your fingerprints taken. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy the conveniences of TSA pre-check.

Choose the best seats on your plane

Choose the best seat on the plane for extra comfort and convenience. Do you require a lot of space for your legs? Do you want a seat near a USB port or power outlet? To find the most relaxing and comfortable room, research the amenities and centers of the flight.

Buy Travel Sized Items

The TSA has set rules for the size of products that you can bring on your trip in your carry-on. Many companies sell travel-sized cosmetics and products. Why throw out or waste the toiletries you have spent money on when you can purchase products that align with TSA rules?

Pack a Multi-Plug Adapter

Pack an adapter so that you can plug in multiple devices. If you’re traveling with a companion, you can use your adapter.

Bring a portable battery charger

We want our electronic devices to be charged and ready for use anytime. If you rely on your phone to make a call once you reach your destination, panic may occur when the battery level is 10%. Pack a portable charger to avoid having your cell phone or other electronic devices die. You won’t need to find an outlet to charge your phone if its battery is dangerous.

Pack BOOZE in your carry-on or checked bags

You can bring alcohol onto your flight if you follow the TSA rules. According to FAA regulations, however, you cannot drink alcohol your airline has not provided. You can bring alcohol on the plane, but wait until you reach your destination to start celebrating.

Bring an empty water bottle

Stay hydrated during, before, and after your flight. You can only bring several fluids through security; beverages after deposit are usually expensive. Pack an empty water container that you can refill after security. You can stay refreshed on the plane by drinking orange juice or soda.


The food at airports is often expensive. Pack dry snacks such as candy bars, granola, pretzels, or nuts to avoid overspending and hunger.

Bring Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are helpful for many things when you travel. Ziploc bags are great for keeping liquids together when you need to remove them at airport security. You can use them to store snacks or electronics such as your phone. Add a few extras to your luggage if you return or travel again.


If you have clothes that you are comfortable wearing, preparing for your trip will be much easier and quicker. Wear durable clothing that will not make you feel too hot or cold. Consider bringing a lightweight scarf or cardigan to keep warm on the plane.

Select shoes you can remove and replace easily when going through security. Also, choose a belt with a plastic buckle. Some security agents may allow you to wear a nonmetallic belt. Ensure your clean travel clothes are ready at least two days before departure.

Wearing Glasses Instead of Contact Lenses

During flights, our skin and eyes are drier. Wear glasses instead of contacts to prevent your eyes from becoming dry. Add hand lotion and eye drops to your carry-on list to moisturize your skin and eyes during the flight.

Bring Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Airports and planes are high-traffic areas that can harbor many bacteria and germs. Bring hand sanitizers or wet wipes in your carry-on. The tray tables are among the dirtiest surfaces on planes. You can keep it clean and sanitized in the airport and on board.


Airport fees can quickly add up, especially if you are not prepared.

The airlines will charge extra fees for bags that exceed a specific limit. You can avoid the additional cost by weighing your suitcases at home. Comparing your briefcase to the weight limit set by your airline will allow you to save some money. If your bag is too heavy, consider moving your belongings into another bag, such as your carry-on bag or packing lighter.

WEAR A Bulky Item for More Luggage Space

If you are close to the limit for your bag, place a heavy item such as a jacket or sweatshirt on top of the bag or in the front pocket. If the airline deems your bag overweight, remove the item and wear it. You can remove the jacket from the bag and place it in the overhead compartment once you board the plane. This trick can be used on the way home if you have a heavier bag after buying souvenirs.


Most travelers decorate their luggage with a ribbon, bow or other simple decorations to make it stand out. However, most simple decorations won’t keep your luggage safe. Purchase a lock that is crush-proof to keep your luggage safe from theft. Or invest in technology such as a luggage tracking device. Consider buying luggage that has a hardshell, as it is more durable and easier to clean.

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