One of the best ways to see this beautiful Hawaiian island is by getting out of your boots and doing as many Maui hikes as possible. There are many hiking trails on Maui. These trails are suitable for families, novice hikers, and experienced trekkers.

Maui’s best hikes take you to places that aren’t visible from your car or on a sunny beach. It’s also possible to take a road trip and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Maui. You can also find other amazing experiences in Maui, but for now, you can take a hike around this island.

The Best Hikes in Maui

This list of top Maui Hikes, north to south Maui, will give travellers a complete hiking experience on the island. It includes waterfalls and volcanic craters. Let’s get started!

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Pipiwai Trail

Start your island hiking adventures by completing a moderate hike in East Maui. It offers stunning scenery and is relatively easy. Like many great hikes on Maui, the Pipiwai Trail begins with an ascent. You will soon find yourself among the vibrant mango and guava trees that grow in the dense bamboo forest.

You’ll see the first waterfall on your hike at the mile mark. Masahiko Falls is visible through the trees, as a thin white blanket falls from hundreds of meters above. You can watch the water joining the gorge below from an overlook at the trail.

The Pipiwai Trail continues through the forest, passing fruit trees and eventually leading you to an immense banyan tree. This short hike in east Maui will take you to Waimoku Falls, which is two miles long. The waterfall cascades from 400ft creating stunning scenery and an enchanting musical atmosphere.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

After warming up on the Pipiwai Trail, you can head to West Maui, where you will enjoy a wonderful hike along the rugged coastline. You will have a great view of the Pacific Ocean from the Kapalua Coast Trail. Many side trails can be added to lengthen and diversify your day hike.

Although the trail is mostly flat, it has a paved boardwalk and volcanic rock paths. It’s a very casual trek. You will see the West Maui Mountains as you walk along the coast. There are also views of several top-notch resorts and vacation properties.

You can enjoy the stunning sights and sounds of the crashing waves. Additionally, Fleming Beach is just a few steps away. Kapalua Beach is also nearby, making it the ideal spot to cool off or have a picnic.

The Hana Highway is one of Maui’s most popular day trips. It can get extremely crowded quickly. It is best to leave early to drive directly to O’he’o Gulch, approximately 30 minutes from Hana.

Sliding Sands Trail (Haleakala National Park).

The best Maui hiking trails will take you through an amazing world of ancient volcanic rocks, stark vegetation, and breathtaking views of the Haleakala Crater. To beat the heat and crowds, start in the morning. This hike is not one you want to do without water.

The Sliding Sands trails offer a peaceful oasis of tranquillity that is not possible without the presence of vegetation. The only thing that interrupts the blissful state of being at peace is the crunching of the lava rock below your feet as you ascend to the top.

The Sliding Sands Trail is a great option for those looking to do an overnight hike.

The viewpoint allows you to see the cinder cones at the bottom of the Haleakala Crater. You will then continue into the Haleakala National Park, towards the iconic Pele’s Paint point. You can stay a night at Paliku’s campgrounds or cabins or continue to the Haleakala National Park towards the iconic Pele’s Paint point. If you want something more adventurous, consider cycling down a volcano. The descent takes approximately 90 minutes and includes many stops. Maui SunRiders offers Haleakala Bike Tours.

Waihee Ridge Trail

The Waihee Ridge Trail is one of Maui’s most beautiful waterfall hikes. The moderate hike rewards hikers who are rewarded with breathtaking views that make it worth every ounce of sweat. The summit’s lookout point offers stunning views of Waihee Gorge and cascading waterfalls.

The 2.5-mile trail to Lanilili Peak is steady in elevation. Experienced, confident hikers can make it to the top without any difficulties. It is best to start early as the clouds can block the view in the afternoon.

Hikers must still make the return trip to the valley, just like all the top Maui hiking trails. You should wear sturdy hiking shoes to walk down the trailhead safely.

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