Moab lies deep in canyon country. Although it is quite quiet, the stunning scenery speaks volumes for it.

Moab is close to many of Utah’s most beautiful National Parks. Moab is ideally placed to help you explore Utah’s best National Parks and things to do while on a day trip from Salt Lake City.

Moab is more than a gateway to other places. Moab has many attractions that will keep you busy, such as outdoor activities and Jurassic and cultural attractions. You can do so many things in Moab; we recommend staying at least one week. Here’s our opinion on the top things to do in Moab.

Top Things to Do in Moab, Utah

Moab’s diverse selection of historical, geological, cultural, adventure, and historic attractions is a delight. We recommend that you research where all the attractions are located before driving – it’s not a good idea to lose any of your itinerary space due to ill-planned driving.

Moab: A Quick View

Let’s take a look at how Moab looks.

Downtown Moab

Downtown Moab is a place where the hip meets hospitality. For a night out or a meal out, we recommend heading downtown. You will also find many of Moab’s cultural attractions, such as the galleries and breweries.

Downtown Moab is the place to be if you want a lively, vibrant area with lots of attractions and hospitality. There are many options for accommodation from one- to three-star. Downtown Moab offers hostels, classic hotels and campgrounds.

Uptown Moab

Uptown Moab can be found just North of the city center. This area is quieter than Downtown Moab and has fewer attractions. These attractions are usually only a half-hour walk away. Instead, you will enjoy a more residential, relaxed atmosphere than downtown. Uptown Moab is closer to Arches National Park, which often provides better views from your accommodation. The poolside views at Springhill Suites and Fairfield Inn & Suites have been a highlight of Springhill Suites.

Moab’s Surrounding Cities

Moab is a great place to stay, but you should consider other nearby towns for accommodation.

Spanish Valley is a short drive south and offers many campgrounds and remote cabins. Spanish Valley is an excellent choice if you want a quieter environment than Uptown Moab.

La Sal, located at the foothills of the La Sal Mountains, is only a 30-minute drive from the nearest town. There are only a few options for accommodation in La Sal. You can choose from cabins or a Shaman on the Mountain retreat experience. We recommend La Sal if you want a location close to the mountains.

Let’s now look at the layout of Moab.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park may be recognized by the image of a narrow river canyon. The Confluence Overlook is where the Colorado River divides, with half of the river flowing into the Green River and the other half continuing. The national park is dotted with the Colorado and Green Rivers, creating a stunning contrast to the desert landscape.

The desert environment is full of surprises. Canyonlands National Park is home to some amazing rock formations like Mesa Arch. One example is the Mesa Arch, an arch made of sandstone rocks perched precariously at a cliff edge.

You can drive scenic routes through Canyonlands National Park to the Island in Sky Visitor Center. The rangers can give you route advice and a map, and you can also use the toilets. The self-drive tour is an excellent way to explore the amazing rock formations, arches, and scenic views at your speed.

Go River Rafting

It’s impossible to stay close to the Colorado River and not feel its power. Moab river rafting is a great activity. There are many trips you can take. Pick-up service from Moab is offered on many of the rafting trips. These adventures are for tourists who have less experience and usually tackle Class 1 or 2. Rafting is easy for beginners and can be done on sections of the Colorado River.

Cataract Canyon is, however, a worthy rafting spot. This section of 14 miles is recommended for experienced rafters. It features rapids up to Class 5 and can be difficult. It’s worth watching other people from the Colorado River Bridge, even if they are difficult to tackle.

You can choose to raft the Colorado River for multiple days if you feel adventurous. Book a whitewater-rafting tour to raft Moab. This guided tour takes 6 people on a paddle raft down the Colorado River through class II/III rapids near Fisher Towers.

Try Mountain Biking

There are many trails for mountain bikers. You can go to Canyonlands National Park or Arches National Park. Or you can stay near Moab on the Slickrock Trail. You can also book a guided tour if you don’t have any experience. The highly-rated Mountain Bike Tour takes riders on a half-day trip through Arches National Park’s stunning terrain. Your guide will take you on a 7-10 mile ride. This tour is great for families and beginners.

The Slickrock bike trail is right next to the Sand Flats Recreational area. It’s only a ten-minute drive or thirty-minute cycle from Moab City center. Before mountain biking in the national parks, we recommend you brush up on your riding skills. Advanced mountain bikers will find the Slickrock Trail challenging with a loop that allows them to practice their circuits and improve their technique. Be prepared to tackle technical sections and climbs. Be assured that the desert views are worth it.

Solfun mountain biking tours has an office in Moab if you prefer to bike with a company specializing in this sport. You can visit the office between 08:00 and 6:00 PM to arrange a tour or inquire further.

Take a Walk with the Dinosaurs

Did you remember our promise of Jurassic attractions earlier? They are here. Moab’s most popular attractions include seeing real dinosaur remains and the Moab giants modeled.

Family members should prioritize a visit to the Moab Giants Dinosaur park. The park features life-size models of all the dinosaurs that once roamed Moab during prehistoric times. Visitors can walk through it on a desert trail. For Jurassic Park movie lovers, the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park must be visited! Book your tickets now!

If you’re interested in history and archeology, skip the Moab giants and find real dinosaur tracks or skeletons. The two-mile hike to the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail offers a chance to see fossilized dinosaur tracks up close. If you can hike longer, the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail is worth it!

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