It’s a common saying that Texas is the largest state in America. Texas is the 2nd-largest US state (Alaska is 1st, if you’re curious) and is bigger than any other European country. Russia may be bigger, but it spans two continents. If you love to travel, you will find many opportunities to join us here in Texas!

Texas: Big Facts

We’ll be starting with the “size-mographic facts” about Texas to help you understand the magnitude of what you are getting into.

Texas Is Huge

Texas has the second-largest population in the United States. Texas has the second-largest population in the United States, just behind California . It is larger than many European countries . It is also larger than Thailand and Japan.

Dallas is home to almost twice the population of North Dakota, just to give you an idea.

Texas is home to the largest convenience store in the world

You’ll need to stop at a major-time pit-stop when driving through a country that is currently the 39th largest in the world. New Braunfels’ Buc-ee’s convenience shop in Texas holds the record for the World’s Largest Convenience Shop at a staggering 66,335 feet

It’s also home of the world’s longest car wash so you can polish your beloved vehicle.

The World’s Largest…Belt Buckle

Partner, you read it right. Montana Silversmiths, Dallas, recently won the Guinness Book of World Records title for the World’s Largest Belt Buckle.
It measures in at 10’6″ tall and 14’6.5″ wide. Can you imagine how much denim it could hold up to?

Americana At Its Finest

It’s clear that Texas is synonymous with cowboy lore. Nothing screams “cowboys!” louder than The World’s Largest Cowboy Boots (except maybe Jerry Jones, the Dallas football team owner).

Rocketbuster Hand Made Custom Boots, El Paso Texas has the sand kickers size 328-D in all their leather glory.

Attention Sports fans

Texas is very serious about its sports, particularly football. It shouldn’t surprise you that there’s another record holder for “World’s Largest”, the World’s Largest Foam Finger.

Do your pushups right away, because this bad boy is currently at Dell Headquarters in Round Rock and it’s about a foot thick. It’s also 20 feet tall.

Texas: Interesting facts

Texas is more than its oversized everything. Let’s now look at some Texas facts after we’ve shown you some of the most impressive and outrageous sites and places in Texas.

Texas Was Once Its Own Country

Texas, the huge piece of land now legally known as Texas, has had a turbulent past in terms of who governs it.

The area was home to Native Americans for thousands of years, long before Spanish and (to some degree later) French explorers arrived.

It is a long-running saga that Texas, which we now call Texas, was known as the “Republic of Texas,” for almost a decade in mid-1800s.

Six Flags Over Texas

Texas is not to be confused with the amusement parks of same name. Texas used to recognize and hoist flags from six different countries – The United States of America, Mexico, France and Spain – until very recently. Wait, there are only five!
The flag of the Confederate States was the sixth, but it was later replaced by the Flag of the Old Southern States during the 1990s.

Horror Movie Nerd Paradise

This will seem like a joke to fans of the genre. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to see the place where “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was shot. The home is not used as a grist mill, but more as a tourist attraction for families.

To visit the house, you would need to do some research. It was originally located in Round Rock and has been relocated. The historic Antlers Hotel now houses the venerable home of Leatherface and his family. You can also find the famous Gastrop gas station (just south Austin, Texas) where you can enjoy delicious barbecue. Texas-style, naturally.

A proud and lonely star

Have you ever wondered why Texas is called “The Lone Star State”?

Texans are proud of their individuality and willingness to “stick it up to the man”. Politics aside, it’s hard to find a Texan who doesn’t take some pride in Texas’ defiance.

Texas and its residents are perhaps best represented by the state flag. They are proud of their history of bucking the norm and honor each flag as a symbol for their enduring independence.

Remember the Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo, which would go down as America’s greatest defeat, has been immortalized in time as the last stand of a loyal group of heroes.

Although we mentioned how many times Texas was fought over, perhaps the most heroic act of American heroism occurred at an outpost known as The Alamo in San Antonio.

For history buffs, you’ll recognize names such as Davy Crockett and Sam Houston – men who risked their lives (and many died) in the battle against Mexican forces. They visit this sacred site, which is brimming over American patriotism, sacrifice, and pride.

Texas was the site of the worst natural disaster

Galveston, Texas was the site of the deadliest natural catastrophe in American history. Although weather forecasting was still a new science, meteorologists in Cuba and other eastern countries warned officials about severe storms and dangerous winds.

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