Your Spring Escape in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Your Spring Escape in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park makes an excellent destination for a spring getaway. A bounty of fauna and flora replaces a gloomy, cold winter. Water and waterfalls are revealed at their best when they swell. Spend time at Plitvice lakes outside of high season to feel the joys of spring.

Nature’s awakening

Nature is awakening from its winter doldrums. The trees are greener, and the flowers are in full bloom. Snowdrops will delight anyone who walks along the lakes. You will hear birds singing and often listen to them calling out for a new age. This is the age of the new generations they will raise in their nests. Walking in the Upper Lakes will allow you to spot a mother duck and her fluffy ducklings. They are adorable and can smile on visitors’ faces because of their fluff. You may have to look harder to find them, as the mother duck is skilled at hiding her ducklings among bushes. Their color protects the duckling from other animals and is a perfect camouflage. Everywhere you look, there is action everywhere. Bumblebees and honeybees buzz and fly from one flower to the next in the company of butterflies. Both the animal and plant worlds are playful…

Spring is best enjoyed in nature.

The warmer, longer days of spring are often followed by winter. It’s a time when we want to be outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Going on trips is always a good idea. With its beauty and warm rays from the sun, spring never fails to inspire a new adventure spirit. Many people consider springing their favorite season. What could be better than a walk surrounded by greenery, waterfalls, and a few other gloomy days?

Relaxing in nature is one of the main reasons we go there, especially when trying to escape daily stress. The beauty of nature is a source of inspiration and stimulation for anyone who loves it. Spring at Plitvice lakes will fill your memories and your camera roll.

Lake Tour Programmes

Spring is the best time to see the beauty of waterfalls. Winter brings more precipitation, making it colder. The Upper Lakes are therefore closed during winter. Warmer days and longer working hours are usually associated with faster opening times of the Upper Lakes.

Did you know the Park offers eight tours? You can choose how far you want to walk depending on your ability. You can only choose to visit the Upper or Lower Lakes while at the Park. You can also spend an entire day in the Park, as you choose. You won’t regret choosing any of these options. Every step of the way, you can enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature. The Lower Lakes can be found in a canyon. A sight worth seeing is Veliki slap Waterfall – a perfect spot to refresh yourself with its water spray. Twelve lakes are found in the Upper Lakes, located in a beautiful wooded area. The murmurs of countless waterfalls will surprise you. The lakes are surrounded by beautiful scenery and have crystal-clear, clean water.

Spring smells

What is your first thought when you think of a sunny spring day at Plitvice lakes? Can you imagine the scent of spring there? The lakes and waterfalls take the lead at Plitvice Lakes after nature wakes up from its winter sleep. The majestic and powerful waterfalls erupt after the snow and rain. This is why spring is the best time to see them in action. Everything smells like spring. The water lilies are just starting to open their green leaves, and the water from the waterfalls sprinkles them. Relax and enjoy the natural scents as you walk along the wooden bridges and paths. You will always remember the irresistible scent of clean, clear water, freshness, and the aroma of buds awakening. If you love spring, visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park. You can enjoy the fresh scent of the emerald and treetops.

Spring flowers are entirely in bloom.

Spring flowers blossom in spring and bring a smile to everyone’s faces as soon as they appear. A fragrant spring will be marked by longer and warmer days. They are vital to the ecosystem as they provide food for many insects. Most often, they bring out a variety of species of butterflies and bees from their hiding places to survive until they bloom. Because the rocks of the Lower Lakes canyon attract more heat from the sun and melt snow faster, the first spring flowers are most likely to bloom in this canyon. The Lower Lakes canyon can sometimes see spring flowers bloom several weeks earlier than other areas of the National Park. You will find many types of spring flowers as you walk along the trails at Plitvice lakes, including primroses, snowdrops, and cornflowers. There are also many other species. Take in their beauty and diversity of colors. But pick only one flower to maintain the beauty and harmony of their habitats.

Colorful plates

We look forward to spring’s arrival, which means we also look forward to delicious vegetable dishes on our plates. Food lovers, chefs, and other nature foragers all smile and look forward to this time of year. Spring is here, so enjoy it and allow its green shoots to become a feast for your palate and plate.

Enjoy spring’s fresh flavors with one of our freshly prepared dishes

Rowing at Kozjak Lake

You can also row on Kozjak Lake (the largest of Plitvice’s 16 lakes). The waterfalls’ beauty and sound and the lake’s sheer size will amaze you as you walk from Station 2 to Boat Pier P1. You can also rent a wooden rowing boat at the pier and explore. This fantastic physical activity allows you to take in the first spring sun and enjoy the fresh spring air. It is a great experience to capture exciting and memorable moments. Do you see all the fantastic adventures? It would help if you took some time to relax between the Lower Lakes and Upper Lakes. From this lake, you can view the many waterfalls that flow from the Upper Lakes. You will have an even more memorable experience if you say hello to the ducks, fish, and birds accompanying you on this adventure.

Coffee at Labudovac

Proscansko Lake, the highest and first lake from which the main stream flows, is where the network of lakes & waterfalls starts. The Labudovac Cafe is located in the vicinity of Proscansko Lake. It is one of the 16 lakes that make up the Plitvice lakes. This cafe is perfect for those arriving from the Upper Lakes. If you’re coming from the Lower Lakes, you can enjoy refreshments and a walk on the benches. Open green meadows have bars. It is a summer terrace that allows you to enjoy your coffee with a beautiful view. Coffee is a time to relax and enjoy. It is a priceless experience to sit on a bench and enjoy the peaceful scenery while being refreshed by the fresh air. You can also enjoy light refreshments like blueberry muffins or chocolate. You can also hike from Labudovac to get to know the Park’s natural beauty.

Labudovac offers a postcard-perfect view!

Massages and Wellness

The Jezero Hotel is located in the heart of the National Park. It is time to unwind after a long day walking in the open air. The sauna and swimming pool are both available for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. You can also enjoy massages. Peace is guaranteed after relaxing in the Park’s greenery and exploring the walking and hiking trails. Massages offer many benefits, but they go beyond relaxation. They can improve your health, reduce pain, and help you sleep better. The benefits of spending the day outdoors in the spring air, from the skin to the respiratory tract, will be felt throughout the body. Wellness will make it a unique experience.

Spring in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Is there any better place to spend your time?

Tomislav Kovacevic serves as the General Manager of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Plitvice lakes National Park is Croatia’s oldest and largest national Park.

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